Salt Fire and Time Broth Bar opened in Portland, Oregon as the country’s first dedicated bone broth café. Salt, Fire & Time Broth Bar has been making bone broth since 2009 with the highest nutrition in mind, preparing it in small batches for 72 hours from bones sourced directly from farmers in the Pacific Northwest who raise their animals on pasture and let them graze and forage as nature intended. Salt Fire and Time Broth Bar has set out to offer a positive and delicious experience of daily wellness in the form of traditional foods to everyone from busy professionals and athletes on the go, to those in need of healing nutritional support. It is a place for community and education, offering high quality therapeutic bone broths with a variety of add-ons to your unique sense of what feels and tastes good. With house made whole leaf Kombucha on tap, it's a one-stop shop for wellness on the go. 


Tuesday - Sunday, 10AM-6PM